La choza de chocolate Tsatsayaku.

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Gratitude Note

Thank you very much for contributing to the project. Your name will appear in the "AMIGO TSATSAYAKU" section of our website, as well as in the thank you video that we will make after the campaign.

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Digital Postcard + Gratitude Note

In addition to showing your name in the acknowledgments, we will send you a digital postcard with photos of the communities you supported.

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In addition to showing your name in the acknowledgments and sending you the digital postcard, you will be entered in the raffle for a “Friend Tsatsayaku” t-shirt.

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Cocoa Nibs Case in a Personalized Jute Bag

In addition to showing your name in the acknowledgments and sending you a digital postcard, we will send you a bag of Cacao Nibs in a personalized jute sleeve produced in Tsatsayaku.

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Experience "Tsatsayaku Chakra Chocolate and Tourism" + Digital Postcard

In addition to showing your name in the acknowledgments and sending you a digital postcard, you will have access to the virtual experience of “Tsatsayaku Chakra Chocolate and Tourism”.

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About this project

Solidarity campaign to strengthen community tourism and promote the consumption of healthy chocolate made from cocoa from the Amazon of Ecuador
Infrastructure Goal Optimum
Building Materials for the Hut
For the tourist to live the experience of making chocolate
US$ 1,800
Material Goal Optimum
Cocoa mill
Acquisition of a mill so that tourists can experiment with grinding cocoa
US$ 50
Artisan containers
For the tourist to place the ground cocoa and the syrup.
US$ 120
Advertising materials
For printing materials promoting the Tsatsayaku chocolate shack
US$ 100
To make the mixture and sweeten the ground cocoa
US$ 25
Task Goal Optimum
Gastos varios para promoción y ejecución de campaña
US$ 200
Total US$ 1,800 US$ 2,295

General information

Our Tsatsayaku Association, which in the Kichwa language means “Sandy River”, is made up of 103 producers from 13 Amazon communities in the province of Napo, Ecuador. As of April 5, 2013, we became the first Association of Cocoa Producers in the area registered with the Superintendency of Popular and Solidarity Economy. We are made up of Kichwa (indigenous) and Colonas (settler) families who are dedicated to planting cocoa, wayusa and other chakra products. From our ancestors we have inherited the knowledge to grow, harvest and process cocoa and obtain various products that have allowed us to successfully position ourselves in the local market. We are an association that has a lot to tell and show the world, and for this we have combined community tourism with the cocoa value chain, a combination that allows tourists to get to know our Amazon rainforest and observe how we make our quality products using resources that our Mother Earth offers us.

We are cocoa producers who work daily to shape our present and future with enthusiasm and effort. We seek the support of people, groups and institutions to help us carry out our campaign, the objective of which is to offer tourists the unparalleled experience of living, learning and putting into practice making artisan chocolate in a magical and mystical ancestral environment. Tourists who visit us will be able to learn about cocoa production, through our agrotourism trail that shows the production of cocoa beans, the post-harvest of the bean to achieve excellent quality and the semi-industrial transformation in our processing plant. Finally they will be able to visit our "Chocolate Hut", make artisanal chocolate and participate in a new experience full of mystique, charm and ancestral knowledge.

Main features and goals of the crowdfunding campaign

Although the presence of the pandemic initially forced us to suspend our activities, currently with initiative and commitment we have learned to carry them out by applying strict biosafety protocols, so that little by little tourism is reactivated at the local level. Today we see with enthusiasm and joy that our tourist activities are increasing. Our greatest wish is that the people who visit our Association have new experiences, a lot of energy and the best memories of having participated in a wonderful and mystical experience.

"La Choza de Chocolate" -(The Chocolate Hut)- is the last phase of our tourist trail. Its construction will allow tourists to create a bond with cocoa by participating in the process of making chocolate.

The goal of our project is to reach the $ 3,810 to build our long-awaited ancestral hut to make artisanal chocolate in a mystical environment that possesses and preserves the history of our ancestors.

The money raised on this platform will go directly to our association, which will be in charge of operating the campaign. Each of the phases of the project will be disseminated through social networks and our Web platform, in order to provide transparent accountability to the people who give their contributions to this beautiful project.

Why this is important

Our project is open to all people who want to support producers in rural areas and who believe and trust that we can build a better tomorrow. With your contribution you can make a difference!

With this project, families in rural areas will benefit from a reactivation of safe, sustainable and quality agroecological tourism. Join us to share our ancestral knowledge in this dream that will help families increase their family income. Thanks to you we will be able to share our culture and ancestral practices and ensure that our 13 communities have the necessary resources to continue forward with optimism and joy. Remember that in Tsatsayaku we are counting on you!

Team and experience

Our Association of Cacao Producers of Carlos Julio Arosemena Tola "Tsatsayaku" is registered in the Superintendency of Popular and Solidarity Economy as of April 5, 2013 and is made up of Kichwa and Settler families producing cacao, wayusa and other products of the chakra. In total we are 103 producers from 13 communities.

Since its creation, our association has generated spaces for inter-institutional management and has managed to position itself in spaces of territorial governance such as the "Ruta del Cacao" and currently the "Mesa de Chakra" and others. These experiences have allowed us to be part of important public, private and international cooperation projects. We have the support of various institutions, authorities, Municipal and Provincial Governments and NGOs for the organizational strengthening and the value chain of cocoa and wayusa.

Our association encourages the participation and leadership of young people and women who currently hold management positions for decision-making and development of the association.

Social commitment