ZuMa's solidarity handcrafted details

About this project

Throught the sales of handcrafted details, we want to support a solidarity dining room in Guayaquil-Ecuador
Infrastructure Goal Optimum
I need to buy a better cellphone with a very good camera, in order to upload very good pictures of my creations. I need to buy lamps, light rings with tripod.
US$ 500
Material Goal Optimum
I need to upgrade my packaging, and hire a website with a pay botton.
US$ 700
Total US$ 500 US$ 1,200

General information

When I finished my work in 2016, I made a poll what wants the people to give a presents for gift their favorite persons.
The most of them, said they want personal and unique gift that they don’t see in any place; after, I studied with Argentinian and Ecuadorians professors, this first path was so difficult, because, there were success and fails, until, I find the perfect technique.
ZuMa born on November of 2018….I make a 100% handmade unique creations, my targets clients are since 1 until 75 years old.
Right now, I sell ZuMa’s creations out of Ecuador (family or friends who live in others countries, buy and carries an Ecuadorian souvenirs for their friends).
A several month ago, ZuMa helps a solidarity dining room, donating a ten percent of each sale.
The most of the people who eat in the dining room are inmigrants or just pasing by….it’s make a big problem, because of the increase of demand but the meals are a few.

Main features and goals of the crowdfunding campaign

First….I need put ZuMa in an e-marketplace, buy a professional camera and hire a sales man.
With all my requirements supplies, I am sure that I can help more in the solidary dining room, and, hire a woman to help to do creations in cold porcelain, for the high demand that I will have. I say a woman, because I promote the Sorority.

Why this is important

I know is a huge plan, but I can do it.
I am sure if we collaborate together, you help my economic situation, help with the increase sales (remember, ten percent of each sale is for the solidary dining room) and help other people in their economic situation (because more sales, needs hire more people).

Team and experience

I work with my husband, I make the creations and he is in charge of packaging and the delivery logistics.
In this job, we have many experiences, testimonies of people who our details make their favorite persons happier.
Our job is filled with love, passion and happyness, we do fun, and we give our customers the best of us. Each creation exceeds the expectations of our customers.
We are very grateful, and in response to this, we want to help this humanitarian proposal that we think, is fantastic!
ZuMa always have been in social collaborations, but now, we want be more present, we want show you pics of the solidary dining room so you see the great labor you are supporting.

Social commitment