Frequently asked questions
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For co-financiers

  1. Why should I donate in projects presented here?

  2. How do I choose which project to support?

  3. What do I receive in exchange for my help?

  4. ¿Cómo puedo contribuir a cofinanciar un proyecto?

  5. What happens if a project does NOT reach the minimum financing?

  6. Virtual wallet

  7. What if a project raises much more money than initially budgeted as optimum?

  8. Can I contribute more than once to the same project? ¿And contribute to more than one project at a time?

  9. How do I know if the project I have supported achieves its funding goals, or fails to do so?

  10. Does the entire sum I pay go to the project promotor?

  11. Which payment systems does Oigo use? Are they safe?

  12. If I make a contribution, what information about me can the project leader have access to?

  13. Which are the most common errors in credit card payments?

  14. What is Capital or matchfunding fund?

  15. How else can I help a project?

  16. How can I help with promoting a project?

  17. How can I take part in the projects' creative process?

  18. Is there any kind of protocol for possible deceits on behalf of the project leader?

  19. Are my contributions to projects tax-deductible?

  20. Can I have a certificate of my donation, or an invoice?

  21. Can I donate in a currency other than U.S. dollars?