Frequently asked questions
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For promoters

  1. Why should I use Oigo for my project?

  2. Who can publish projects here?

  3. Which are the phases in the development of a Oigo project?

  4. How do I present my project?

  5. How can I determine the budget of the project?

  6. Why is there a minimum and an optimum budget?

  7. What is the minimum and maximum amount that can be asked for a project?

  8. What are collective returns?

  9. How should I plan and manage the collective rewards?

  10. What are the individual rewards?

  11. How should I plan and manage individual rewards?

  12. What type of collaboration can I request?

  13. What is the selection and review process for projects?

  14. How long does it take to receive an answer as to whether my project is published or not?

  15. How are Oigo projects organised?

  16. How does the two round (40+40) (or 40+20) crowdfunding campaign work?

  17. What if my project doesn't achieve the minimum funding at the end of the first round?

  18. What if my project reaches the optimum budget before completing the first round?

  19. What tools can I use to manage my project?

  20. Can I update the project details once the crowdfunding campaign has started?

  21. Is there any kind of information I can't change?

  22. How can I canvas for my project beyond Oigo?

  23. Do you charge commission?

  24. What is Oigo's commission for?

  25. How do I receive the contributions of my cofunders?

  26. How can I get in touch with the cofunders and collaborators of my project?

  27. How do I present project results and deliver the collective returns and incentives?

  28. What is my legal responsibility as a project promotor with respect to FECD and my cofunders?

  29. Recommendations for how to declare the funds raised collectively through

  30. Currency Conversion Policy

  31. How do I publish collective returns correctly?