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Personalized Online Postcard.

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Raffle of a handmade bracelet.

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Raffle of a handmade keychain by the women of our community.

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Raffle of a hand-woven purse by the women of our community.

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About this project

Let's transform the way we mill grains to produce flour in the communities of the rural areas of the Palmira-Ecuador parish!
Infrastructure Goal Optimum
Grain mill
It is necessary to acquire a mill to transform the way of grinding grains of the rural communities in the Palmira parish of Ecuador.
US$ 1,500
A computer to keep records of grains grounded on-site and for administrative tasks.
US$ 350
Material Goal Optimum
Storage material
It is required to increase the grain collection for milling.
US$ 200
Mill installation.
Cement, iron and other materials for installation of the mill in the place it will operate.
US$ 200
Task Goal Optimum
It would be desirable to have signs for the location and use of the mill so that the people of the communities and visitors know and operate the milling space safely.
US$ 235
Total US$ 1,500 US$ 2,485

General information

The Galte Jatum Loma Women's Association has been in operation since 1995 in the rural Palmira parish of the Guamote canton, in the province of Chimborazo, Ecuador.

Our Association is made up of 75 women of all ages. We are women producers, who throughout our lives we work growing barley, potatoes, lupines, broad beans, melloco, wheat, oca, mashua, corn, quinoa and vegetables.

Nine years ago we managed to get a small mill, which, since then, has worked daily to grind our grains, and thanks to that mill we can count on the necessary sustenance for our survival. Unfortunately, and due to the number of hours that this mill has been operating, it currently only manages to grind 4 quintals of grain a day, so we must wait several hours for it to cool down and be able to complete our work.

Our dream is to have a larger mill that can improve the amount of grains ground per day. We are sure that by becoming a local milling center, we will be able to serve also other communities in the area and produce the necessary amount of flour to sell at nearby markets and fairs.

Main features and goals of the crowdfunding campaign

The "Mill of Dreams” is a project with social conscience, which began in the communities of the rural areas of Chimborazo. The need to grind grains and preserve them for a longer time allowed us to believe that we can establish a milling center for the grains that are produced in the communities of our sector. The union and strength that we have as women of the Galte Jatum Loma Association, has allowed us to organize, train and work together for the well-being of our community.

This mill embraces our dreams of continuing to grow as a Women's Association that works for its community. We are sure that the fruits achieved with this project will be the pillar so that our future generation of women continue to believe that work in the fields is the life and hope of nations.

Why this is important

We extend our invitation to all people who believe and trust in the work of producers, and who wish to join our dreams. Thus, together with this "Mill of Dreams" we can build a better world.

Today, you can begin to change the life of a woman, a family, and a community. We all have the same heart.
Come, support with your contribution and do your bit for this beautiful project. We assure you that any contribution will be well received.

Collaborate with us and share the link of this wonderful project with your family, friends, close people, and with all those who have the desire and wish to contribute to this beautiful initiative of women, so that this message reaches as many people like you .

Team and experience

We are a Galte Jatum Loma Women's Association that has been working since 1995 with 20 years as a legal entity. We have headquarters and we are trained in the milling of Andean grains. We have ancestral knowledge in the cultivation of barley, potatoes, lupines, broad bean,s melloco, wheat, goose, mashua, corn, quinoa and vegetables.

Social commitment