Mordiskitos, Snacks saludables para mascotas

Contributing US$ 20
Personalized electronic postcard and a packet of Mordiskitos

In addition to showing your name in the acknowledgments, we will send you a personalized digital postcard with an image of your pet and a bag of Mordiskitos of the flavor of your choice.

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Contributing US$ 50
Personalized electronic postcard and three packages of Mordiskitos

In addition to showing your name in the acknowledgments, we will send you a personalized digital postcard with an image of your pet and three bags of Mordiskitos, one of each flavor.

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About this project

Provide a healthy option for our pets, snacks free of chemicals and preservatives, handcrafted.
Material Goal Optimum
Food Dehydrator
Optimal dehydration of proteins, such as liver, and beef heart and albacore, which will be included in the medium term,
US$ 390
Non-perishable ingredients
Materials for a production of 150 packages of biscuits
US$ 60
Fixed base mixer
Large mixer with fixed base, to make the homogeneous mixture of the ingredients
US$ 50
2 stainless steel tables
Stainless steel work tables, for an optimal work area
US$ 100
Industrial blender
High capacity blender, for the processing of mixtures
US$ 90
Multiple Cookie Cutters
Allows you to cut at least 15 cookies at a time
US$ 30
Finished product storage
US$ 20
Kraft bags
Product packaging
US$ 30
Branding for packaging
US$ 30
Mesa de acero inoxidable
1 mesa adicional de acero inoxidable
US$ 100
Task Goal Optimum
Design and Advertising
Brand communication, design and dissemination strategies
US$ 100
Total US$ 600 US$ 1,000

General information

“Mordiskitos” is a family project that bursts in as a different proposal for feeding our pets. Just as we take care of our health, we offer pet parents the opportunity to pamper them with delicious natural snacks that also provide benefits to their health, being able to choose between two flavors of cookies, and liver snacks for those who need extra protein intake. It’s a project that is growing and, as strong as it grows, it will offer jobs and opportunities to other migrant women who, like me, want to fulfill their dreams in this country.

Main features and goals of the crowdfunding campaign

“Mordiskitos” is different from other projects for several reasons. Apart from offering a product for the enjoyment of its consumers, the dogs, we make sure that in turn we bring benefits to their health, as our products are free of chemical substances that could cause damages to it. Among the objectives of “Mordiskitos” we can list, offer healthy and environment friendly alternatives, reducing the negative impact that we have generated to it; Generate jobs, once the project is consolidated and continues to grow; With the funds obtained from this campaign, I will be able to acquire the necessary equipment to be able to increase production and distribution, for which it will be necessary to hire more people working to cover all the increasing tasks.

Why this is important

“Mordiskitos” is a dream that arises from my need to achieve stability for me and my family. As a migrant woman and single mother, there are so many challenges that I have had to face, but II have been able to overcome with work, strength, perseverance and of course, lots of cooperation from wonderful people and organizations that have provided me with training and education in different aspects. This is why, although Mordiskitos’ products are conceived for pets, the project as such goes further, ‘cause qmy desire is to help more women to reach their place, to see their dreams come true and discover the capacity and inner strength that we have to develop and make more of ourselves.

Team and experience

Since I was a little girl and thanks to my grandmother, I developed a passion for confectionery, and for a long time I trained myself in different techniques to develop myself in that field. When it was my turn to migrate, I decided that this would be the project that I would develop in this country that welcomed me. Selling my cakes in City Parks, I noticed the dedication to pets and the few alternatives that were out there offered for them. This motivated me to investigate and based on my previous knowledge and consultations with veterinary professionals, I created this beautiful project. Currently it is a family project, which I am sure will consolidate and grow, generating employment and growth for other families that, like mine, have dreams to fulfill.

Social commitment